I started the year with a 52-book challenge. I read over 30 books, but since I started to devote more time to this blog, I’m not as concerned about completing the reading goal. I created the goal because I didn’t have anything to strive towards throughout 2012, but with this blog I have the goal to post.

Four of the books I decided to read for my 52-book challenge focus on professional behavior—the authors offer theories and examples of how to improve professional relationships with the expectation that the insights would affect personal relationships as well.

I’m reading Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Even though a little of it is more relevant to sales staff most of it reflects common sense of a good person; someone who knows there is time to smile at a colleague, and time to be respectfully curious about them.

The author suggested that the reader reads a chapter, and then re-read it for a deeper understanding. I read the chapter as I take notes, and then I re-read it to solidify in my mind what is important.

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