CCC.2.29 @lamanocoffee for a mocha on a beautiful day.

CCC.2.28 @dolcezzagelato DuPont listening to Florence and the Machine on the speakers. Cafes have the best music!

CCC.2.27 @lamanocoffee for a short stay.

CCC.2.26 @dolcezzagelato DuPont before I knit. #latte

CCC.2.25 rush to @lamanocoffee for a mocha. #coffee

CCC.2.24 @dolcezzagelato DuPont to celebrate the first day of my job. #employed

CCC.2.22 @lamanocoffee drinking a mocha like a person in the desert chugs water. I really need it :) #coffee

CCC.2.21 @lamanocoffee with a big decision; should I write, should I #knit, or should I read? #coffee

CCC.2.20 @dolcezzagelato in Georgetown to enjoy the spring.

CCC.2.19 @MadCitycoffee for a Friday mocha.

CCC.2.18 @MadCitycoffee and loving the lamps.

CCC.2.17 dolcezzagelato for a creamy latte. #latte #isthisstumptown@

CCC.2.16 @MadCitycoffee listening to the blues after a walk in the rain.

CCC.2.15 @lamanocoffee for a dreary-day treat.

CCC.2.14 @filterdc for a winter mocha.