@dolcezzagelato Georgetown where #mocha is for lovers.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown to start the workweek right with a #mocha and #sudoku

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for a full latte on a bright day.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown, “When we cross the street, and we go to where we have been, do we move forward?”#QuestionOuttheWindow

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown from the second floor.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for a Tuesday morning mocha.

Is this latte too weak / Monday blues #haiku @dolcezzagelato DuPont

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for a kick to the afternoon.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for a cortado.

My first time @dolcezzagelato Logan Circle.

He ties their leashes / before the coffee order / summer morning #haiku @dolcezzagelato DuPont

CCC.2.48 @CCCheesecake to craft haiku and wait for the #USAPOR #WorldCup game

CCC.2.47 @lamanocoffee on a beautiful day.

CCC.2.46 @dolcezzagelato DuPont rush hour / I don’t see their faces / tweet out #haiku #senryu

CCC.2.45 @dolcezzagelato DuPont after a downpour / walking shoes are left to dry / rush hour