It’s so hot outside I may need a new plan for my day. @lamanocoffee

@thewydown I get the big booth.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for some good reading.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for a latte.

I think I will write about a street. @dolcezzagelato Georgetown

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me eeee, happy birthday to me! @lamanocoffee

A rose @dolcezzagelato DuPont to start the evening.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown where the croissants are so beautiful it took Herculean effort to resist.

Before I go to @covedc for serious blogging I need to juice my brain with cortado love @dolcezzagelato Georgetown.

@dolcezzagelato DuPont for a #mocha

Just came back from my ICD checkup. My heart is better after open heart surgery even though I experienced many trials since then. It looks like life is moving forward and I am drinking a #mocha @lamanocoffee to celebrate.

Luckily the @dolcezzagelato Georgetown morning cup of coffee is more important than memories. I saw an ambulance, but it was driven north and I stayed still.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown and the door behind me ended up in my image. Awesome!

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for some poetry and good music.

@BakeHouseDC for another coffee made from @ceremonycoffee