I love you too, latte!

#knitting @dolcezzagelato Georgetown

#knitting and #coffee @dolcezzagelato Georgetown

Blue in Georgetown @dolcezzagelato. If I remembered the jewelry designer I would post his name.

10 days until Autumn @lamanocoffee

Knitting with Dragonfly Fibers from @loopedyarnworks @dolcezzagelato Georgetown

I’m trying to decrease my coffee intake and it’s not working @dolcezzagelato DuPont

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown to knit socks with yarn I bought @loopedyarnworks Dragonfly Fibers.

Maybe in my next blog I will take pictures of Vespas and Fiats

It’s so hot outside I may need a new plan for my day. @lamanocoffee

@thewydown I get the big booth.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for some good reading.

@dolcezzagelato Georgetown for a latte.

I think I will write about a street. @dolcezzagelato Georgetown

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me eeee, happy birthday to me! @lamanocoffee